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where i end and you begin
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I need suggestions for good songs to run to.

I will be back in my favourite city in the world in about 17 hours.

And the plans are already stacked, lots of shawarma, lots of Zaphod's, lots of love


I realllllllllly hate her

And thank you Biden for owning her on health care.  Fuck their $5000 tax credit, it all goes to cover the income tax you have to pay on your health insurance with their shit plan.

i am driving to ottawa today

Seriously Weezer,  WHAT THE FUCK?

packers have a shot

effin eh

another lame new year's eve for me.

ryan works at 8 am tomorrow

all of my friends are doing nothing

so ryan and i are staying in, eating lasagna, and doing laundary

i never post anymore, sorry

but last night i saw TMBG in concert and it was simply the best show ever

happy birthdays (belated and current)

sorry i've been MIA i'm at camp as a counselor!@

ottawa, for the win

in 6

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